I’ve been honored to have my work recognized  by several news outlets and media personalities including NPR, Jezebel, the New York Times, Ariana Huffington and Junot Diaz. Check out the links below to view some of my radio interviews, article mentions, etc.

Radio Interviews

Travel Talk of Blog Talk Radio: “How Millennials are Changing Travel-What Travel Professionals Should Know”

BreakThru Radio: Third Eye Weekly Podcast on Vacations 

On Point Radio of NPR: “Teachers Tell Us Why They’ve Left The Classroom”

Tell Me More with Michel Martin of NPR: “Tough Lessons for Teachers of Color”

Article Mentions

New York Times: “What We’re Reading”

Jezebel: “Young People Are Getting Off the Couch and Traveling

Mic: “Young People Are Planning Holiday Trips More Than Anyone Else. Here’s Why.”

Ariana Huffington: “Catching Up with the Third Metric”

Junot Diaz: