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Interviewed by…

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Tell Me More with Michel Martin of NPR: “Tough Lessons for Teachers of Color”

WGVU Shaping Narratives Podcast: Alice Lyn with Amanda E. Machado

The Outbound: Writer’s Residency Spotlight

Nomadtopia Podcast: Nomads and Privilege with Amanda E. Machado

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Mic: “Young People Are Planning Holiday Trips More Than Anyone Else. Here’s Why.”

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Truthout: Pride and Professionalism Shape the Lives of Gay and Lesbian Teachers

Unlikely Hikers Instagram:

Ariana Huffington: “Catching Up with the Third Metric”

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE): Writer and CIEE Alum Amanda Machado on the Value of International Education

Speaking Events

Panel Host: A conversation about the film “Resilience”

Half Earth: The Future of Conservation

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