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Available for writing and editing blogs, essays, op-ed’s, cover letters, manuscripts, website content, manuals, proposals, and more.

Experience: Former blog editor, English teacher, and contributing writer for various nationally renowned publications. Writing has been shared over 500K times on social media. Essays have reached The Atlantic’s monthly top ten. 

Content Development and Communications Consulting

Available for producing organizational philosophies, theories of change, training manuals, website content, annual reports, newsletters, blogs, and more.

Experience: Amanda works with founders and executive directors to solidify their vision and spread the message of their work. She writes content that gets companies noticed by helping them articulate, document, and promote their story, then she develops platforms for telling this story online. She has worked with several organizations —and particularly start-ups—to express in words why their work is unique, important, and necessary. 

Client Testimonials:

“Amanda’s integrity and deep listening allowed our organization to express the core of what we do and why. Through our work together I was able to share our vision with the world in a clear way and felt 100% supported through the process. I highly recommend Amanda for any organization/company/individual who wants to hear their voice ring with authenticity.”

-Kelly Knoche, Founder of The Teaching Well

“Amanda is a passionate, hard-working and gifted writer who is able to write effectively in multiple modes ranging from the functional level of protocols and handbooks to highly creative narratives and accounts of personal experience and deep learning. She researches her work thoroughly and ensures that her preparation is carefully planned and executed.

As a well-travelled global-villager, Amanda has a broad world view and the ability to link and relate ideas and stories across unlikely boundaries and sectors of activity.

She is a sensitive and caring person who brings safety to all involved in being interviewed or engaged with a story in mind.  She relates well to those around her and is able to work well within a team. I have no hesitation in commending her work.”

-John Gilmour, Founder of the LEAP Science and Maths Schools


Workshop Facilitating

Experience: Amanda has led workshops around the world as a teacher, group facilitator and writer. She’s also completed a United Nations Advanced Facilitation Training Certification through her work with the Soliya Connect Program.

Example workshops offered: 

Radical Re-Envisionings Of The Environment

Co-facilitating with José G. González, Amanda presented this workshop at the David Brower Center at the University of California Berkeley. The workshop explores how to expand conversations in environmentalism, and move from “Diversity and Inclusion” to decolonization and intersectionality. It lays out the stories we tell about environmentalism/nature/the outdoors, provides a contextual history for these stories, and presents new frameworks to use instead.

Facilitating for Difference

Co-facilitating with José G. González, Amanda presented this workshop in Los Angeles, Fresno, and Oakland in partnership with California ReLeaf. The workshop explored how traditional workshop spaces reinforce exclusion or value a dominant narrative that doesn’t acknowledge other ways of knowing and being. You can find more resources for the workshop here.

Social Justice and Online Media: A Beginner’s Guide to Internet Activism and Writing

Amanda traveled to seven cities across South Africa presenting this workshop to South African educators. The workshop focuses on how online media has changed the rules of writing and activism, and seeks to answer how we can embrace these changes to promote social justice causes while also holding true to what we have always loved about the art of sharing stories. 

Writing Exercises to Build Honesty and Connection

Amanda presented this workshop in front of the South African Extraordinary Schools Coalition in July of 2015. The workshop uses anonymous writing exercises to help participants reflect on their patterns of honest sharing. The exercise asks participants questions like “What prevents you from sharing in the ways that feel least honest/comfortable for you?” and “What can you do to make your voice more authentically and comfortably heard?”

Taking a Global View on Power and Privilege

Amanda presented this workshop to college students around the world as part of Soliya’s Connect Program. The workshop helps students understand the complexity and mobility of power by using exercises that illustrate how one person or group can be privileged in one context, and oppressed in another. The workshop seeks to answer: how do we exercise power and privilege on a global scale? How are we both the oppressed and the oppressor at the same time? How does that affect our identity and the ways in which we attempt to solve global issues?

Exploring Identity Threat

Amanda presented this workshop to college students around the world as part of Soliya’s Connect Program. The workshop explores how power dynamics can threaten our identities and cause us to hold them more defensively.  The workshop also helps participants reflect on the multiple identity groups we belong to at once, and how certain identities become interpreted as the “norm” while others become marginalized.

Client Testimonials: 

“The presenter was powerful, dynamic, and friendly. I’ve wanted to learn more about blogging and haven’t been able to do it on my own. This presentation made me want to learn more!”

-Workshop Participant Evaluation

“The presenter blew me away with her presentation. She made me self-reflect and rethink how we can use writing to give students a voice.”

-Workshop Participant Evaluation

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Travel Consulting and Leadership

In her early 20’s, Amanda studied abroad in South Africa, backpacked through Thailand, and took shorter trips through Egypt, Jordan, and Western Europe. At 24, she took all of her savings to backpack for fifteen months through South America, Southern Asia, and the Western United States. To date, Amanda has visited over 30 countries, and spent more than a third of her twenties abroad.

With these experiences, she provides resources, advice, and general support for any adventure abroad. She creates itineraries, suggests accommodation/activities/transport, and provides logistical answers to long-term travel issues like health insurance, visas, finances, subletting, job-searching, and more. Perhaps most importantly, she helps ensure you make the most socially-conscious and budget-friendly choices throughout your trip.

Client Testimonials

“In 2013, I embarked on an unforgettable 5-month journey through South America. When I first decided to leave my job to do this, one of the first people I called was Amanda. I had so many questions: How do I plan? What do I pack? How much money will I need? Help…!

Amanda had so much insight on every question I had. As a first-time backpacker traveling solo, I was so grateful for Amanda’s experience and willingness to help. I can’t imagine having as smooth and enjoyable of a trip if it weren’t for her support before and along the way!”

-Rocio Bravo, College and Career Advisor at KIPP NYC

“In my former life, my days were planned to a T—all of it was laid out in my Outlook calendar. Never would I have thought I would have the ability or courage to live without a daily itinerary, let alone in a foreign country.

My inspiration to book a one-way ticket and travel long-term, without any plan of what would happen next? I can attribute that all to Amanda. With her guidance, insight, and motivation, my 4 months of backpacking evolved from a long vacation to a life-altering experience. She gave recommendations, advice, and reflections on everything from existential questions (How will travel help build connection?) to basic planning issues (Do I want to bring a water filter?). I gladly recommend that any budding traveler seek Amanda’s advice–you can do no wrong with her help.”

-Kat Yang, MBA student at Northwestern University

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