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The Guardian: Wanderlust on Stolen Land – How to mindfully explore the U.S. outdoors

The Atlantic: How millennials are changing travel

The Atlantic: Traveling teaches students in a way schools can’t

REI Co-op Journal: What POC Backpacking Culture Looks Like

REI Co-op Journal: Rediscovering Latino Culture Outside 

Bay Nature: Experiencing “awe” in nature can bring healing

Sierra Magazine: The people of color who keep outdoorsy towns running

Sierra Magazine: Digging for Answers — In California, an Indigenous archaeologist uncovers his own culture

Nature Conservancy: A More Open Outdoors— A Conversation with Marcela Maldonado Medina

Roadtrippers Magazine: Women of color are reshaping the outdoors travel industry

Teens of Color Abroad Blog: Dear Young Explorer

The Outbound: “Reclaiming the Land Series”

Ancestry and the Latin American Diaspora

NBC News: In the United States, I learned that Spanish was shameful

The Atlantic: Why many Latinos dread going to the doctor 

Vox: My immigrant family achieved the American Dream. Then I started to question it.

Bitterroot Magazine: Latinx artists fight to stay in the Mission

Sexuality and Queerness

The Atlantic: The plight of being a gay teacher

The Lily by the Washington Post: Pride month is full of possibility. I’ll miss celebrating this year.

Sierra Magazine: Out and proud in the backcountry — NOLS’s all-LGBTQ expedition provides a safe space for queer outdoor adventurers

The Body: Rebirth of Queer – Carol Queen on past, present, and future queer life in San Francisco

Power and privilege

The Atlantic: Why teachers of color quit

The Atlantic: Is it possible to teach children to be less prejudiced?

The Atlantic:  Should schools teach kids to meditate?

Innovate Public Schools: Why we need to close the “belief gap”

Matador Network: The travel industry thinks millennials are out to change the world. Here’s a reality check.

Matador Network: Let’s stop pretending our travels to developing countries automatically help the poor.

Matador Network: 4 things study abroad programs get wrong (and what we can do about it)

Matador Network: Cruise lines have started promoting social justice tourism. Here’s why we should be skeptical.  

Podcast Episodes

She Explores Episode 70: Breaking Ground for Others — Camping with the National Parks Conservation Association

She Explores Episode 71: Advocating for Parks Near and Far — Camping with the National Parks Conservation Association

She Explores Episode 112: Voices from PGMONE

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