About Me

I’m a writer, content strategist, and facilitator who lives and works around the world. After graduating from Brown University and teaching as a Teach for America corps member, I spent fifteen months backpacking South America, South Asia, Western Europe and the western United States. Since then, I’ve worked as a writer and “digital nomad”, posting up for a while in cities like Cape Town, Havana and Berlin. I’ve written for publications like The Atlantic, Vox, Quartz, and others, and I’ve worked as an editor for Matador Network, the world’s largest independent travel magazine.

I also help develop writing content and strategy for travel and education organizations around the world. I’ve worked with clients like the LEAP Schools, Edcite, Transferwise, The Teaching Well, GO Public Schools, Latinos For Education, and more. I’ve also facilitated international education workshops with organizations like Global Glimpse and Soliya.

I’m interested in the areas of travel, social justice, and education. I’d be happy to connect with anyone interested in similar work. Check out my writing and services for more information.